The quote "Survival of the fittest" by Herbert Spencer refers to a contest, game of life experiences in which the person with the greatest resources will win.  Whether those resources are wits, tools, weapons or support, the person who is the fittest, strongest or smartest will will the contest. 

In the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell, we meet Rainsford and Zaroff who are pitted against each other and battling for their lives.  Rainsford finds himself on Zaroff's island and at his mercy but manages to pull out a win although the odds are against him.  General Zaroff had the resources to be the fittest BUT in the end Rainsford's quick thinking helped him to defeat his better armed opponent.  

Obviously Rainsford was the fittest even though he did not have the best resources, weapons or support.  He was able to out think his opponent and come back from behind and steal the win.  General Zaroff thought that Rainsford was dead when he jumped off of the cliff and Rainsford was able to use this to his advantage and he launched a surprise attack on General Zaroff.

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